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AreaTaskDue DateStatusNotes
AreaTaskDue DateStatusNotes
Marketing Get brewer supplied hand-outs for registrants (1st come, 1st served)  In Process  
Operations Receive beers  In Process  
Operations Belgian tourism info for binder  In Process  
Operations Identify facebook feeder  In Process  
Operations Opening package – items from brewers or consulate  In Process  
Operations Beer Drink Menu  To be assigned  
Marketing Identify twitter feeder  In Process  
Operations Pre-meal food – beverage pairings  In Process  
Marketing Make To-Go offerings  In Process  
Marketing Make food menu  In Process  
Operations Design To-Go offerings  In Process  
Marketing Make up to-go pack specials. Style, Brewer.  In Process  
Operations Identify unique beers  In Process  
Marketing Make up gift packs  In Process  
Operations Put location next to beers in program  In Process  
Marketing Design food menu  In Process  
Training Pre-meal pilsner – compared to Bud  In Process  
Operations Get tabs  In Process  
Marketing Blogger's preview event  In Process  
Operations Point of sale advertising  In Process  
Operations Talk with Global Beer November 3, 2010 Done  
Operations Contact Consulate November 22, 2010 Done  
Operations Talk with Shelton Bros. November 30, 2010 Done  
Operations List beers December 1, 2010 Done  
Operations Order beers December 2, 2010 Done  
Marketing Design ad for MI Beer Guide December 10, 2010 Done  
Marketing Article to Michigan Beer guide - Cure those mid-winter blues. December 13, 2010 Done  
Marketing Press Release Draft magazine December 13, 2010 Done  
Marketing Make list of bloggers December 13, 2010 In Process  
Operations Contact distributors about facebook page December 20, 2010 In Process  
Marketing Contact w/ Gazette Van Detroit January 4, 2011 Done  
Marketing ABBF registration packet. January 5, 2011 Done  
Operations Order passport stamps January 10, 2011 Done  
Operations Get content for beer menu January 10, 2011 In Process  
Operations Order Festival pin January 10, 2011 Done  
Operations Plan dinner menu January 10, 2011 Done  
Operations Get binders – view binder black 1” - 72 January 11, 2011 Done  
Operations Determine 'awards' for beer hunter January 11, 2011 Done  
Accounting Price Dinner package January 11, 2011 Done  
Marketing Design passport January 12, 2011 In Process  
Operations Pre-sell passport/beer guide/tasting tickets – t-shirt special price/color January 12, 2011 In Process  
Operations Determine Belgian beer hunter January 12, 2011 Done  
Operations Determine registration package January 12, 2011 Done  
Operations Get wall art January 14, 2011 In Process Can consulate provide? 
Operations Determine Events for Jef Verseles, Van Steenberge Brewer January 14, 2011 Done Tasting sessions. Meet the Brewer, Belgian Beer Dinner, Photo sessions 
Operations Get hop museum posters January 14, 2011 In Process  
Marketing Determine Beer Hunter levels January 16, 2011 In Process Ambassador for completing all, Style Master for each Style, Brewery Master for having 90% of brewers  
Marketing Make table top marketing material January 17, 2011 In Process  
Operations Belgian Beer fact sheet for table binder January 18, 2011 In Process  
Operations Make Passport January 19, 2011 In Process  
Marketing Make beer menu February 2, 2011 In Process  
Training Staff Training February 6, 2011 In Process  
Operations System for noting Sold out items February 13, 2011 In Process Discuss at staff training. 
Operations Order shirts February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Is beer menu by brewer or by style or cross reference in back? February 13, 2011 Done  
Training Staff Training February 13, 2011 In Process  
Operations Get troubador hats February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Make up Dinner packages February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Determine if we're going to have Sunday Brunch February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Determine Belgian beer ambassodor February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Get zot fool hats February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Determine sampler flights February 13, 2011 Done Dropped - samples available on all beers 
Operations Conclude glassware options February 13, 2011 Done  
Operations Install/hook-up beers February 16, 2011 In Process  
Operations Bought at the door Festival packets February 16, 2011 In Process  
Operations Opening day 4 beers/hour? February 16, 2011 In Process  
Operations Pre-meal food/menu items February 16, 2011 In Process  
Marketing Dark & Holiday beers session February 19, 2011 In Process  
Marketing Fruit session February 19, 2011 In Process  
Operations Trappist session February 20, 2011 In Process  
Marketing Kill the keg day February 20, 2011 In Process  
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