About Belgian Family Brewers

posted Dec 4, 2010, 4:30 AM by Roy More   [ updated Dec 4, 2010, 5:49 AM ]
We've been updating the list of beers. In the notes you'll often see "A Belgian Family Brewer". These are special brewers that:
  • Is a genuine Belgian beer brewed in Belgium
  • Comes from an independent family brewery that has been making beer for at least 50 years, and is thus a traditional brewery
  • Is an original beer, no copies of which are sold under any other name or label.

From their site:

About Belgian Family Brewers

Belgian Family Brewers: a quality label for family-brewed beers in Belgium

The members of the non-profit association Belgian Family Brewers are Belgian breweries which have been brewing beer in Belgium for at least 50 years non-stop. Together they represent 15% of Belgian brewers, with a total of more than 1,500 years of experience in traditional beer brewing.

At present, there are 14 member breweries:

    • Bavik
    • Bosteels
    • De Halve Maan
    • De Koninck
    • Dubuisson
    • Dupont
    • Het Anker
    • Lefebvre
    • Roman
    • Sint Bernard
    • Silly
    • Van Eecke
    • Van Honsebrouck
    • Verhaeghe
From Flanders Today newspaper:

Ever been surprised to find out, after praising your all time favorite “Belgian” beer, that it is in fact brewed by a multinational in some other country? These kinds of disappointments are best avoided, but that is made difficult with the current trend that has many a foreign brew marketing itself as a “Belgian Style Ale”.

A non-profit organization called Belgian Family Brewers (BFB) has created a special label to protect and promote truly Belgian beers. The label, represented by a tricolour BFB logo indicative of the national flag, guarantees a unique product from an independent Belgian brewery that has met certain quality standards. To obtain a BFB label, the brewery must be continuously active and in the hands of the same family for at least 50 years, which must be single-handedly in charge of the commercialization of its beer. Th e family may not bottle their brew under any other name or label.

Their web-site is: http://www.belgianfamilybrewers.be/site/index.php?l=en