Festival Overview

So many beers. So much fun. So little time.

This is the project site for the 6th Annual Ashley's Belgian Beer Festival to be held at Ashley's Beer and Grill 7525 Wayne Rd., Westland, Michigan February 11-21, 2016. In a few short years it has grown to be one of the largest of its kind.

Belgium has more recognized beer styles per capita than any other country in the world. Because of their centuries long brewing history, they are recognized as the pinnacle of brewing skill and often copied but never duplicated. Experience these special craft beers.

This eleven day event will feature one of the broadest collection of pure Belgian beers in draft and bottle ever done in this region. This Festival is particularly distinctive as we only have pure, Belgian-made beers and only from boutique brewers. None of the macro, mass-produced Belgian-made beers are included nor are US made Belgian-style. How can you know whether brewers are making authentic Belgian-style beers if you don't know the originals?

This site is for Festival guests and team members, internal and external, to be able to see status, add notes and commentary and in general make this the best event possible.

The calendar of events keeps building with something every day. For the most recent updates, check the Calendar page.